Lindy West’s kinda ironic Sex and the City 2 review

June 4, 2010 ginginbonbon

Hooooo boy. I used to like Lindy West’s writing and I thought it was probably a pretty good review, but only because I had to remove and like, completely annihilate anything resembling the lens thru which I usually try to interpret things, around her whole “rape it to death with a stiletto” part. At the end, girlfriend is so exasperated with the movie that she demands to be veiled and have all her holes sewn up. Remember that? Funny!

Tell me, am I turning into a total stereotype myself or did I just grow the fuck up, because I managed to make it through the whole review without even wanting to laugh? I don’t find Sex and the City offensive, but Lindy’s comments scared the shit out of me? WHAT IS GOING ON?

In the comments after, if you slog thru the hordes crawling all over each other to lick Lindy’s ass, there are a few complaints about how we all can’t stand the women of SatC because they upset our feminist sensibilities. AIYAAH! See, the thing is, the Sex and the City characters are just that, characters. To whine that they do a disservice to us, as women, because they are rich and out of touch and they like shiny things and they did xyz with a man is fucked up because that’s trying to make them out to be a whole lot more than characters, as in you know a vehicle used to TELL A STORY. I don’t have to be personally offended by how shallow they are because hello, they don’t represent me or some other woman or all women just because they are female and they are in a movie for fuck’s sake. Let me say that a person would also have to be a crappy “feminist” if they expect to sit back and allow the stupidest mainstream movies to champion their social justice causes instead of, like, contributing some meaningful commentary and discussion themselves? But posting stuff on the Stranger website is totally productive! (For the record I don’t bother anymore. What a bunch of maroons).

Yes, it’s conspicuous that the SatC franchise is prolly the only recent blockbuster-maker that comes to mind that passes the Bechdel test (and does it? even?) but let’s not confuse the issues. A real critique would uncover lots of problems with SatC I’m sure, but it wouldn’t look anything like this review, and actually it wouldn’t have so much to do with the vejazzle bling of Middle Eastern women. I promise.

My world is changing, guys. I kind of can’t even believe I’m typing these words. Honestly I think what Lindy said is about a million times more vile than any of the stupid shit that transpires anywhere in Sex and the City. I guess people can be talented, funny or smart (or think they’re way superior anyway, I’m not sure anymore) and still be assholes in the end. By asshole, I mean, using the most unspeakable, horrifying things that are done to women to illustrate thru hyperbole how much it displeased her to do her job as a movie reviewer and sit thru a fucking movie, with female leads. PartyDONE, Lindy West. You suck now.


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