March 23, 2009 ginginbonbon

So I brought in that Angelina Jolie movie to watch at the unit as per S.’s request yesterday. I got there in between the two posted visiting hours, ie not during visiting hours, and I had forgotten to bring my key as is my custom most of the time. [However. S. is probably just used to using the buttons to ask for the door instead of waiting for me to unlock them. I don’t know who she hangs out with other than me who would even have a key. I find her really autonomous, all things considered.] It was a new nurse/whatever who asked what my deal was at the door (cc camera and intercom phone) but I was buzzed in no problem. She was young and pretty and quite frankly didn’t seem to fit in well with the rest of the crew. I think she wouldn’t allow S. to go downstairs and buy herself a snack. There was a little bit of something going on at the big nurses’ station plexi window interface, but I missed it. I try not to make things like that my business.

Apparently they were already watching a movie on one tv and the other one is supposed to play regular tv and not another movie. I was not aware of this. I thought we would maybe have a problem. I mean I don’t know, the staff seems to like things to be a certain way. Anyway, I said that I didn’t know, and that I had rented the movie just for this today, and I think some of the others might want to watch it too, and it was fine. I tried to use submissive, appeasing body language. I love doing this and being aware of it now, it makes me feel sneaky and manipulative and superior, although if you work in mental health you are probably trained to recognize that kind of crap. Still, it works better than acting like a bargaining teenager. Which I suppose is how I would act if I were staying there and subject to the staff’s authority as opposed to visiting on a volunteer basis. Anway. The BBB that works on the unit unlocked the shit for me. She told me not to bring any horror or gore movies. I think this is funny, but I’m sure I shouldn’t.

We kind of got in trouble anyway because as it turns out Wanted has a lot of exploding heads and bullets ripping through bodies in slow motion and stuff. It could make them violent. I really was the only one who sat through the whole movie though, S. watched most of it with me but the others just sort of drifted in and out of the room. One of the nurses was really into it when she was watching but she was only there for parts of it, and she was pretty annoying asking questions about what was going on.

S. has really come to life over the past few weeks, she is much more lively than before.


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