ceux qui oeuvrent dans le milieu..

March 2, 2009 ginginbonbon

I know it’s just my personal opinion, but I have this feeling about a lot of people who work with mental health service users. They seem to enjoy working with them because they’re so powerless. The client usually can’t hold a worker accountable for a crappy attitude, or condescension, like people on the outside would. These guys are probably smug on their time off, too.  I wonder if it becomes a habit that develops from the job, and also what the long-term effects are of being on the receiving end of that smugness. I mean it’s really subtle, but there’s something creepy and fake about the dynamic. I make a point of not talking to people like they’re stupid or like they’re children, no matter where I am. I prefer to give ’em a little more credit than they might deserve, instead of insulting them. IDK, this has always worked well enough for me. People with mental health issues are definitely no less intelligent than the people assigned to supervise them. It’s so weird.


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