Beauty is pain (good thing I like pain)

March 2, 2009 ginginbonbon

an acquaintance of mine who has been in the mental health system on numerous occasions (and recently bit a nurse, apparently) told me he thinks the work I’m considering would be “thankless”. Interesting choice of words. I guess there are clients who would make it seem that way, but at this point in my learning process I’m actually seeing a lot of good will. I think there is something about the experience of being mentally ill that can eventually make a person consider how their personality and actions affect their world, especially when it comes to the people they need and care about. I’m just not articulating it very well at the moment. It’s definitely something I noticed in the documentary we watched in training (Pas fou comme on le pense, which was EXCELLENT btw). The people in that documentary were a lot more self-aware than most.

I know that S is glad to have a volunteer. A guy in the unit last night was asking (loudly) how to go about making me his volunteer too.


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